What’s the missing link?

I met many people from Thailand who studied at an arabic/religious school called ‘sekolah pondok’ and found that they are all able to speak arab. I met many people in Malaysia who also claimed they studied at sekolah pondok or other religious schools and found that they speak very little arab.

In our country, those who studied at school between 1950-1980’s are mostly able to converse in English up to a comprehensive level.. but after the 80’s what happened? Nowadays there are many graduates who don’t speak English well and many ‘A’ students are also not able to do the same.. What has happened to our system?

Perhaps in the past, the teachers were very strict and were given enough authority to lead, nowadays the rules and regulations have crippled the control power of a teacher.. so, is that good or bad? Is this what we all wished for?

There are many systems in this world which have been improved over the years but to learn a language, the old system could be one of the systems that works. Creating the environment is one of the important ways. Only those who search for the environment will be able to speak and those who shy away from it will remain unable to speak. So, what’s the environment are we talking about here? Other than studying the grammar, students need to look for a situation where everyone only speaks English, find a friend who doesn’t speak Malay, befriend those who speak good English, not be afraid to speak even though it’s wrong.. after all we all learn from mistakes..

It’s only my personal view.. no offense.. DjRay