Motivation before anything..

It’s been 10 years now since I first started teaching and training people from language programs to skills programs. The pattern of participants seems the same. If I conduct language classes for a hotel, the attendance seems good only in the first month.. then what happened in the following month? They started to lay back, come late, absent without notice and so forth. It can be frustrating as a teacher and a trainer.  It would then change when I made effort to highlight this matter to the human resource department.

Programs are provided free by the hotels for the workers and yet, some don’t seem to value it. Something is not right here. Why can’t some people see the value of what a company is offering them?

In my opinion, there must be another program before an English program. This program must aim to change their attitude first before they should continue with another program, otherwise the objective will not be met when we simply provide a course, thinking it will benefit our company.  Those who qualify the attitude related program should be allowed to go further..

As for the skills program sponsored by the government, at least there is a contract signed before they started. Their monthly allowance as offered by the government will not be given to those who failed to achieve 80% of their monthly attendance.