Chapter 6 : Surprise of the Day

Chapter 6 : Surprise of The Day!

Republic of Guinea is the most stable West African country based on the fact that the President remains the same for years. However it lacks of population. As a result, many mega investors felt inconfident to invest for a long term. Nevertheless.. a few of the delegates from Malaysia took their courage to invest there… leaving sadly to say… many suffering Malaysians behind.. They suffered probably because they were living in Africa in Malaysian style!! It doesn’t work bro!! Things that you found back home definitely would’t be the same in a foreign land. It was difficult enough to learn French, the African culture of working blah blah blah.. plus Malaria attacks!! One thing that I found so surprising was that the standard of living is about 4 times higher than Malaysia…

Everyday in my life there.. I would receive at least 1 surprise of the day.. One day, one of my worker said he couldn’t come to work because his father died. The following month, he came to see me again and said “Pardon patron, je ne suis pas venu hier parce que mon pere etait mort!!” meaning I didn’t come yesterday because my father died! “But your father died last month?”  Later I understood that all uncles in the family are fathers, all aunties are mothers and all cousins are brothers! In an avergae house there could be as many as 40 people living there! And one working person has to feed all of them. The longer I stayed there.. the more human I became.. Now I understood what the stealings were all about! Survival!!! I started to close one eye when I knew taking ‘things’ were happening in groups and well-done cover ups.. just for survival. I had to take actions for obvious offence though because I had to balance up between sentiments and principle. I learnt that greed is something that people should leave behind as there are people in this world who eat once every 2 days instead of twice a day.. I also understood.. why some europeans would just bulid a house and let some of them live there for free.. Also why Annie Lenox left singing for a while just to help the “House with no steps”..

Why is the continent suffering so much..? For hundreds of years.. even after their independence.. things look the same. To certain extent.. it was so much better during the colonisation period.. Then I learnt another thing. When it comes to money.. nobody would trust anyone else even between a father and a son. Some of my African friends said they were scared to tell their children that they had some money. Some even prefered to keep it in europe, fearing that their money could be stolen back home. Of course their action didn’t help their country’s economy in the long run.. but rather it helped europe. I kept in getting advice “Don’t trust anybody!” I thought.. how could I live without any trust? I needed to trust somebody when I do things. After 1 year of experiencing living there.. YES… I finally agreed to the statement.. Couldn’t trust anyone anymore now.. coz.. even my lawyer chipped in his name in contracts.. my translator translated many things the way advantageous to him.. my most trusted housekeeper picnhed dollar notes by dollar notes everytime my room was cleaned.. and what more..? It’s kinda exhausting to tell… I wonder if it was true that Mr Lipin was ordered to buzz off just like that.. even though there was an agreement for his investment.. Often.. I wondered why I was caught up in such a chaotic part of the world.. I wanted to leave so desperately!! I had enough with everything that I experienced..

As I had prepared my resignation letter.. something happened that made me changed my mind about leaving.. There was a coup d’etat in our neighbouring country Sierre Leonne.. The people had to flee Sierra Leonne and looked for a shelter in Republique of Guinea.. The were more than 300 people in front of the Hotel’s entrance begging to come in.. Without thinking any further.. I ordered to stop the discotheque business for the hotel temporarily and allowed the refugees to stay in the night club which could accommodate about 300 people.. My life started to become more complicated now.. having to help.. worked.. at the same time not trusting anyone..

Once the drama was over.. I received a visit by a very pretty lady.. She said “Don’t worry! I am on your side.. I am here for you.. for your safety.. your your interest..” Of course the first thing that came in my mind was.. “I don’t trust you!!” However I asked her “What is this all about?” She smiled and said “Just put me as a trainee at the reception, at the end of each day.. I will report to you.. don’t pay me salary.. soon you will know why I do this..” I felt like I was in a James Bond movie for a while.. so I looked at her… so pretty.. just wanna be a trainee..? and had something that she wanted to tell me..? For curiosity and the benefit of the doubt.. I arranged as she wished..

To be continued… DjRay