Chapter 7 : The Adoption

Chapter 7 : The Adoption

After the first day at the reception, she came to my room. Her first comment was “They like you!” Then I asked “Who?” and she said “Your staff!” I was kinda confused for a while.. Then I asked again what it was all about. She said “I have been sent here by someone, just to find out what is going on.. that’s all. Whatever it is.. I am working for you.. I am on your side” Once again I felt like I was in somekind of a drama movie. Then she said again “Frankly, someone is playing dirty on you. Let me find out who is plotting against you and we’ll take it from there ok?” I wanted to reject her idea in the first place.. but after having a second thought.. I said to myself what if she was right? Then I said “Ok, tell me everything” She immediately responded “Not yet! You will soon find out”. “I’ll be at the reception as a trainee.. but will keep my eyes and ears open for you”.

7 days gone by.. every end of the day, she would visit me as usual and told me what she found out. My feeling was quite mixed at the time. I thought that I was doing a good job but why would anybody wanted to throw me out. On the 7th day, she asked me to follow her. I was shocked when a Mercedez Benz was at the lobby waiting for both of us. I was taken to a huge villa. The villa was well guarded by military personnels.. and everyone of them bowed at her. I was getting really nervous about the whole thing.. Then she took me to the lobby and asked me to wait there. A large sized man came out later and said to me “Welcome son!” Wow! Immediately I knew that I was in a safe place. He then explained to me that he was the advisor to the President. He was the man behind the Malaysian investment. He wanted to make sure that I was in a good hand, that’s why he sent a spy to protect me. Hmmm.. now I realised that not everyone favoured our presence there.. that’s why there was an opposing force somewhere.. He even adopted me as his “son” in the Republique. Of course I was so delighted to have such a powerful “father” in a foreign land..

Since that moment.. I could enter his villa in and out at any time that I wished. What a wonderful treatment. Since that moment also, I used to inform him about all the problems that I faced and he would do something to assist me. Working there was really tough. Each day you are surrounded by unexpected problems whether they are real or fabricated.. Once I received a false letter claiming to be from the Interpol. It was quite shocking.. but some people fabricate things for money purpose… If you are weak.. you may fall into traps.. which can be solved by money.. that’s it.. money money money.. makes people commit crimes and conspiracy..  Once I was threatened by one of the military guard asking me for money.. then I reported this to my father. The next day, the man was transfered 400km away from Conakry.. away from his family as a punishment.. I regretted his punishment.. but at the same time.. I was getting more matured in handling myself. If I was given a problem, then I stopped being nice and forgiving.. I took action accordingly before I fell into any trap. I had turned an African.. coz I needed to survive in Africa..

I didn’t see the ‘lady spy’ anymore since she brought me to the adoption. For the following 3 months, I had great knowledge of how to survive in Africa and interesting information given by my father. He used to take me to other parts of the country with the President, for visiting purpose or even for showing me the future development areas.. until one fine day.. I received a letter from the HQ asking me to return home. But why? Having a little bit of spying experience, I used the same tactic to find out why did they want me to come back. I found out that they didn’t approve of certain things that I did, including having a relationship with my adopted father. I had to report this matter to him.. He didn’t allow me to go. He said “I want you to be here!” I really respected what he said coz he really meant it. He made an appointment for me to meet Tun Daim Zainuddin, the Finance Minister of Malaysia at the time.. I was amused how a meeting with such a big man made so simple.. We didn’t even sit around a table.. I was interviewed as we were walking along together when I showed him around the hotel.. 2 days later, I received a call from Malaysia.. asking me to report duty for another project called “The Small Palace” or in French Le Petit Palais…

To be continued… DjRay