Chapter 9 : Le Petit Palais 2

Chapter 9 : Le Petit Palais Part 2

Even though the restaurant was running incredibly well.. my heart was not there anymore. The reason being.. I felt that all the effort that I had put in would soon be wasted as there was someone who was eyeing on my post. How I wish I could just give up the post and let the lady from the bank took it!

Basically I didn’t have friends there. But there were a few people who seemed to care for me.. particularly the head security guard Gibril. He was the person whom I knew from day one I was in Republique of Guinea. He came from Liberia, a country shattered due to 7 years of civil war. He lost his wife and 2 children. At times.. he told me the story of how he managed to flee from the civil war.. and how he nearly died a few times during the battle.. For humanity reason, I promised him that I would make sure he had a job there.. as long as I was in command. He even guarded me when I went for shopping, lunch, dinner etc etc.. most of the time I was really impressed how he blocked the people who tried to approach me to sell something or to tell me something.. He even caught the thief who stole my little turtle that I had in the garden, also the thief who tried to steal my little pet monkey. To be frank.. I trusted Gibril.. I even accepted a friend of his, who came from Liberia and who was looking for a job.

One day Gibril and his friend came to me and said that he had to go to Liberia as the war was easing then. He wanted to pick up a few blocks of gold worth a fortune which he hid somewhere in Liberia. He said to me that he needed to borrow USD 1000 for the trip. Hmmm…. at that point of time.. I didn’t want to distrust him.. I just said.. “I’ll see what I can do” From that moment.. he kept coming to me with the same story.. even his friend had the same story and wanted to borrow USD 1000. At this point of time.. I said “Stop the rubbish! Don’t try to fool me!!”

The restaurant closed at 3 am so I often slept in my office looking after the cash to be banked in the day after. That night.. as I was sleeping on the couch in the dark.. suddenly I felt someone was hitting me on the neck really hard. I thought I had a dream.. I just moved a little bit.. then a second hit on my neck.. I still moved a little bit.. Then the third!!! Now that was not a dream!! Someone was in the room trying to kill me.. God must had given me the strength and protection.. the hit that I received didn’t make me faint neither kill me but rather woke me up instead.. I don’t remember what I did then.. I was fighting in the dark.. just couldn’t remember what kind of movement I was doing.. The next thing I knew.. I was chasing after someone.. He opened the door wide and ran through the corridoor on the first floor and jumped onto the street and kept on running away.. I saw who it was!! It was Gibril!!!! “God Almighty!!” I said.. “How could you do that! Damn!” I was wondering how the hell did he come in when all the security guards were supposed to be outside the building.. and my room was even locked!! Then I went downstairs.. there I saw Gibril’s friend in the restaurant and I asked him “How did you get in?” He just said.. “The door was opened!” Then I said.. “Oh… I.. see” “Nevermind.. go back to your work.. let me lock this door!!”

It was 5 o’clock in the morning.. I couldn’t sleep anymore.. I was so frustrated that the person whom I trusted the most had made a nasty plan with his friend, whom I just gave a job a week before.. perhaps they wanted to steal the cash money that we collected from our daily sales. And perhaps they were dissappointed with me because I didn’t want to help them.  I knew that I would never see Gibril again after that.. If I had reported the case to the military.. They would have asked for money to look for Gibril. Well, that’s the way the military are in Guinea. No cash don’t talk!! If they caught him.. they would shoot him to death.. I didn’t want Gibril to die.. and I certainly didn’t want a favour from the military.. neither a relationship! Somehow I had quite a good understanding with Gibril until his friend came over.. I knew the master mind was his friend.. I reported the incidence to my adopted father the next day.. and I requested him not to get the military to search for him.. as I still had some good thoughts about Gibril. My adopted father gave order to remove all non-Guineans from any post! Anyway in the morning I told his friend that the military would come at 7 am to investigate and take away all non-Guineans working there. Of course I lied.. within 1 hour Gibril’s friend was no longer around. He had fled. Meanwhile the restaurants staff were spreading news that I had somekind of blackmagic power in order to defeat Gibril, who was a karate expert.This incidence and the black magic rumours made me soooo sick that I decided to take one month leave.. I needed a break.

The week after, I just packed up my things and went off for a holiday.. back to Malaysia.. In the plane.. I recalled the voices of many people that I met in Guinea… “Don’t trust anyone!”.. “Rule number one..Don’t trust anyone!”… “Leave after you have made your money in the first year”.. “Don’t stay or you will die..!!” … All those words were singing in my head… And the faces of the spies.. the good spy and the bad spy.. And also what Dato Wong said “Come and visit me when you are in Malaysia..”

To be continued.. DjRay