Roles of Tourist Guides

Our first broadcast on 1st March 2014 brought into the attention of the functions of tourist guides. We invited an experienced Blue Badge Tourist Guide name Allen, who was kind enough to explain to the public what roles should the guides play. He also explained the difference between green and blue badge. Also joined us by live telephone were Mr Amin, a Tour driver who promoted interesting venues around Langkawi. Wendy on the other hand, as a green badge guide promoted bird watching and warned the danger of bird feeding.

Click below listen to highlights of VMY 2014 : (Coming Soon)

  • Clip 1 (Tom & DjRay – About VMY 2014)
  • Clip 2 (Allen – Functions of guides)
  • Clip 3 (Amin – Venues)
  • Clip 4 (Wendy – Bird feeding and it’s warning)

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