My Travel Agency

DjRaySTUDIO welcomes its newly incorporated travel agency GEO Leisure Holidays Sdn Bhd. This is an extension to GEO Training STUDIO Sdn Bhd Langkawi which conducts training programs in the fields of Tourism and Hospitality.

GEO Leisure is expected to be a business platform for Tourist Guides who completed their studies at GEO Training Studio. They shall be given opportunities to create travel packages, tours and every potential tourism related businesses. Guide fees shall be paid higher than gazetted by the government through extra incentives. It is expected that all tour guides handling the guests for Geo Leisure to be paid as high as RM 200 per day, ie RM150 minimum set by the government, plus additional RM50 by GEO Leisures.

Existing tourist guides who seek assignments from GEO Leisures will also be given opportunities but with strict terms and conditions only. Those who do not meet the criteria set by GEO Leisures shall not be allowed to take any assignments. DjRaySTUDIO wishes all the best to GEO Leisure team.