MyFEST Langkawi FM

It has been great working with Rastom in MyFest show at Langkawi FM this year. After the first quarter ended, did we decide to take a rest? The answer in NO!! Office politics led to our rest… I must say it is perfectly alright if the management wanted it stopped for the time being.. but why?

Here is the answer : The administration thought that we had over quoted the name of sponsors in our quiz show. Perhaps that is true for certain sponsors. But there was also a sponsor who sponsored RM10,000 for the show.. how about that? Did we over mention their name? The answer is we mentioned too little about their name. However, it is great that the sponsor (GEO Training STUDIO) didn’t mind about it, as they just wanted to sponsor some students, and they got 2 new students for that. Those lucky students are now enjoying Tourist Guide classes without having to pay the RM5,000 fee.

It is a common practice for this poorly managed radio station to chop off good shows.. just because a no quality lady performer is jealous maybe..? well… this is so childish lah.. no need to be jealous of others lah.. just improve yourself lah if you are so desperate to be popular lah.. hahaha… i hope she will learn that popularity is not important at all…

I first joined this station in 1995, then 2002-2004, then 2014-2015. I experienced the same thing.. So, this time it is expected and anticipated with no hard feelings whatsoever.. They seem to like to keep out good show off the radio.. for childish reasons too.. but why? ahak ahak.. live goes on..