Local perception of a Homestay

Being a training center, it is not easy to accept the fact that local (Malaysians) have their own idea about what a homestay is. They consider a homestay as a house or any fully furnished accommodation with cooking facilities. They don’t expect a homestay to provide a host! Well, the customers are always right. Therefore, to our friends in Malaysia, there will be 2 types of definitions when we are marketing a homestay. If it is for the foreigners, then the actual definition of a homestay needs to be applied, whereas if the customers are local.. we need to find out what they actually want.. because indeed there are so many homestays in Malaysia which provide a host and activities to their customers. In Langkawi, this type of homestay is only available at Keda Homestay. Others who claim as homestays are probably accommodations with cooking facilities!! DLS Apartment chose to call itself as apartment though some agents do advertise us as a homestay. ¬†We are actually a fully furnished holiday apartment with complete cooking and home facilities

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